TRAQuE provides a comprehensive range of in-house or off-site training courses tailored to your organization's specific needs.

With courses from "Analytical Method Validation" to "Writing your Quality Management System", TRAQuE can provide a comprehensive set of solutions that can be factored into your regular training programs, or run as dedicated courses.

All too often training programs become bloated, irrelevant, or just not practical to manage. Our experts can help you to identify the training requirements of you team, and tailor the training programs to what is needed. This ensures the training is focused and relevant to the trainee.
Training, and documented records of training and competence, are a requirement in the biopharmaceutical industry. TRAQuE can help you with setting up and implementing a compliant training program. We can help you develop your training matrices and records so that you can demonstrate that your team is not only trained, but this training has been understood and they are competent in the tasks.
Good Manufacturing Practice is an essential part of a regulated company's operations. Staff must have the correct education, qualifications, knowledge, and skills to work in a GMP environment. This applies equally to the Quality Manager making the batch release decision, or the warehouse operator preparing shipments. Training also serves a practical business purpose - your staff will get things right first time with proper training and coaching.
Following GMP is not just an activity it is a behavior. At TRAQuE, our consultants can work alongside your team and ensure what's learnt in the classroom does not stay there, but instead becomes a part of your team's everyday way of working. Our consultants will work with your team, help them to piece together the parts in their everyday activities, and ensure what's learnt becomes a key component of their everyday way of working.
Videos provide an invaluable resource for training new employees or refreshing your existing employees on a regular basis, especially when manual operations are infrequently performed. By refreshing your employees knowledge with videos filmed in your facility, they can relate to the subject and understand the techniques instantly. We can support your training by developing custom training videos and enhancing the footage with full post production editing and voice overs. Our team has experience in developing the storyboard, directing the filming, performing the filming and performing the full post production enhancement to give you a professionally finished product.

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